Modern imaging techniques in biology

An introduction to the world of computed tomographies. Coding and decoding the 3D information on the basis of various principles and methods. Resolution and contrast. Physical background and limits. Working principle and application in medical diagnostics.

X-ray CT:


MRI and fMRI:

Reading: MRI book chapters, fMRI review, echo planar imaging paper.

PET: positron emission tomography

Online reading

Sonography: medical ultrasound. Lecture slides.


BOLD: blood oxygenation level dependent, CT: computer tomography, EPI: echo planar imaging, FID: free induction decay, fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging, GE: gradient echo, MRI: magnetic resonance imaging, PET: positron emission tomography, PSF: point spread function, SE: spin echo, SIM: structured illumination microscopy, SPIM: selective plane illumination microscopy.